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Our customized engagements will deliver actionable and meaningful insights for your organization, and will help you make important decisions about taking your organization to the next level. Organizations can select a full-service engagement, where we manage an entire research process from start (design) to finish (reporting) or they can select services on an ala carte basis. We understand each organization has unique needs and requirements and we value our ability to be flexible for our clients. Our goal is to help our clients sell more products and services while strengthening their relationships with their customers.

Strategic Re​search Services

Development of Strategic Research Plans

Is your organization looking to develop or refine your marketing and communications strategy? With CBA's extensive marketing and business experience, we can provide expertise in marketing strategies and communications for short– and long–term marketing initiatives as well as individual projects. Our associates have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and non–profit organizations to develop marketing strategies that are based on a comprehensive research plan.

Comprehensive Project Management

Does your organization have a research plan in place but need more internal resources to manage the project? At CBA we provide on-going resources and team members to ensure your deadlines are met without roadblocks, and we are dedicated to your mission. With CBA's complete service you never need to worry about your project flow getting bogged down between steps.

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Our research teams will deliver best–in–class qualitative and quantitative research solutions by designing, managing and executing studies that identify business problems, and provide creative and unique solutions.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative market research studies are designed to assess buyer attitudes and behaviors. This information can be used for market sizing, market segmentation, and uncovering "drivers" for brand and product preference. CBA has internal online survey capability and will work with several strategic partners around the country to conduct all types of quantitative research. Popular methods for conducting a quantitative market survey include personal interviews, online surveys, and mail and phone surveys.

Qualitative Research

Do you want to take a deeper look into an issue? Qualitative market research is primarily used as an exploratory and developmental market research method. CBA's trained associates will conduct focus groups, in–depth interviews, online bulletin boards, one–on–one interviews, and related qualitative market research projections for consumer products and business to business clients. We will design qualitative research to address your company's needs. CBA can handle all aspects of research including obtaining moderators, securing facilities and providing final reports.

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Brand Positioning

This research will help your company determine and develop a brand name or image that is easy to recognize and stands out from the competition. Brand positioning will help the company maintain focus on one of its most important assets, its customers. A strong brand will keep your company top of mind, especially in a time when economic conditions are uncertain and consumer spending is tightening.

Branding will help guide potential customers to your product. When you provide a consumer with logos and words with which they've previously made an emotional connection, you increase the likelihood that they will continue to seek out your product in the future.

Product Feature Optimization

At its core, conjoint ana​lysis seeks out how much value consumers place on features of asimulator tool.png product or service offering. Unlike other quantitative techniques, conjoint analysis does not ask consumers to self-report the importance of features. Instead, respondents are simply asked for their preferences of different combinations of features. With these preference choices in hand, we can then use conjoint analysis to break down the value that consumers place on each individual feature.
The results of conjoint analysis inform some of the most basic marketing questions like "what combination of features comprise the optimal product?" and "which features should be the focus of my communications strategies?" Additionally, the use of segmentation can inform product mix decisions for creating slightly different offerings that better appeal to specific target markets.

Customer Review Dashboards

A Customer Review Dashboard could be used to monitor and measure a brick-and-mortar location's customer reviews over time against their most important competitors, not only for star ratings, but with quantified text analytics. This dashboard would give an owner the ability to correct internal issues as a response to customer concerns, as well as track what competitors are doing. Customized insights from this data can help guide strategic planning around a variety of issues including new service offerings, menu changes or décor.

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Marketing Audits and Digital Audits

When was the last time you and/or your team reviewed your marketing materials or your website? Is your company home page the first thing that hits when you Google your company name? Is your website inundated with jargon to the point that your customer can't tell you what you do?

Our new audit services can help you streamline your marketing without breaking the bank.

A marketing audit would assess all marketing aspects of your business, ranging from advertising and brand positioning to market segmentation and target market selection. The audit would give your business guidance on the best opportunities to maximize your marketing investment.

A digital audit would assess the web presence of your business, including your website, social media pages, and customer review websites. The audit would give your business guidance on the best opportunities to leverage your online presence into consistently branded platforms for reaching consumers.​​​

Audits start at $600 and will vary depending upon the volume of material that needs review.

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Supplier Database Registration Marketing Services

Businesses often must register with corporations' proprietary databases prior to receiving requests for proposals. This key B2B marketing strategy is often shelved because business development executives become frustrated with processes that are user-unfriendly and dysfunctional databases that change frequently without notice. 

Because we have been there ourselves, we are now offering this service to other businesses. We know how important it is to put your best foot forward with these registrations which may be the only contact a corporation has with your business. We do the research, so your team doesn't have to. After an initial consultation to review a company's marketing materials and keywords, we can assist initiating new registrations and/or maintaining current registrations with many of these numerous databases. 

The initial consultation which includes the marketing review and four database registrations is currently $400.

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​Eye-Tracking Research

You invested serious time and money on advertising and product packaging. You know your product is a winner. But how do you know what will really happen when your product hits the shelves, or your message the airwaves? CBA's eye tracking studies enable you to take a look inside your consumer's mind. This cost-effective methodology provides companies with useful, action-oriented results and high ROI in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Candice Bennett & Associates is proud to be among the first American firms to offer this cutting-edge market research methodology.

Advanced technology follows consumers’ gaze, from shelving to packaging, Web sites to photographs. Measuring subjects’ involuntary, split-second reactions removes the guesswork and human error from product testing. Eye-tracking tools can be calibrated to address almost any research question simulated in print, TV, shelf, website, mobile and other environments. What did people look at most? Longest? What drove high interest? How were positive purchasing decisions made? We review recorded eye-tracking patterns across all test variables and correlate these with interest and decision-making, paying particular attention to key business drivers for each product. We prescribe strategic advertising and packaging design based on the eye-tracking analysis, focusing on key business drivers as advertising and packaging are readied for launch. CBA knows no business is alike. Our recommendations are specifically tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Download a brochure on eye-tracking research.

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With customers producing an infinite amount of qualitative data on the internet at an unimaginable rate, CBA offers an innovative approach to collecting this data from social networks and translating it into actionable, quantitative insights. Our process, SNiQR™ (Social Networks Innovative Quantitative Research), includes taking a client’s key business objectives to develop a research guide, much like a focus group moderator’s guide, which directs our investigative efforts.

Over a set timeframe, text is then collected into a data file and run through an iterative text analysis process, much like open-ended responses from a survey. In this process, text is extracted and categorized based on a variety of linguistic rules. The process itself is iterative, as it is being continuously refined to adapt for new synonyms and misspellings. All coding frames are finalized by an analyst, not software.

This process allows us to take real-time data from customers as they post on social networks, blogs and news sites and turn it into actionable insights for our clients.

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Other Strategic Research Services

Questionnaire Development
Data Processing
Op​en–End Coding, Text Analysis and Sentiment Analysis
​​Advanced Statistical Analyses​​​​​​
Analysis and Report Development
SWOT Analysis
Total Unduplicated Reach (TURF) Analysis
Focus Group Moderation

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