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Kellam Graitcer Mattie, Flourish, Inc.
Joel Middleton, Ph.D.
Michael Cohen, Ph.D., Cohen Research Group​
Tony Gilbreath, Gilbreath Research, Inc.
Leonard Rickman, Rickman Research & Communications
Dynamic Language
LC Technologies, Inc.
Douglas C. Wood, DC Wood Consulting, LLC

Kellam Graitcer Mattie
Flourish, Inc.

Flourish Inc. is a marketing strategy consulting & insights firm, founded in 2005 by Kellam Graitcer Mattie, and based in Atlanta, GA. Flourish Partners are experienced marketers & researchers who have relevant client-side experience in growing brands and businesses through insight and strategy. Therefore, we treat every initiative as if it were our own business, personally challenging ourselves to define not just research results but business solutions.

Kellam Graitcer Mattie is an experienced marketer & strategist who has extensive experience in growing brands and businesses through insight and strategy. A former “Marketer of the Year” (Ad Age), Kellam comes from a classically trained Brand Management background, building brands & businesses for companies such as Coca-Cola (where she launched & led DASANI water among others), Bank of America and P&G. She honed her marketing research skills as an executive with Zyman Group, a consulting firm focused on marketing insights, and through formalized research training. Kellam has worked across many categories – from beverages (non-alcoholic, beer, & wine/spirits), technology, food, retail, and service. Kellam has been routinely quoted as a marketing expert in publications such as WSJ, NY Times, Brandweek. Kellam earned her BA & MBA (Marketing) at Duke University.

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Joel Middleton, Ph.D.

Joel Middleton is a recognized statistician who studies public opinion, marketing and consumer behavior. He consults for Fortune 500 companies, political candidates and the US Government on issues of polling, research design and data analysis.

Dr. Middleton uses quantitative modeling techniques to describe how consumer behavior is influenced by product offers and media communications.  He has worked with Verizon, J.P Morgan–Chase, AOL–Time Warner, Conde Nast Publications, Paramount Pictures, Nextel and TXU.  His models are used to forecast demand for wide ranging products such as DSL, credit cards, magazines, cell phones and movies.

Mr. Middleton also applied his knowledge of randomized experiments in the 2004 presidential election, designing a large–scale (n=750,000) field experiment implemented in 8 cities.  The experiment measured the effectiveness of door–to–door canvassing on voter turnout.  It was the only study of its kind to be implemented in swing states during the election and has been heralded the best of field study of 2004 by Yale University political scientists.

Mr. Middleton is also a leader in the study of public opinion.  During the 2000 election he developed a statistical model of American voting patterns for the Democratic Leadership Council; results were published in the New Democrat Magazine.  He also analyzed the voter groups for Gore 2000 and was a founder of Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates' Internet Surveys Group.

Mr. Middleton holds a M.S. in Research Psychology from Brown University, a M.S. in Statistics from The George Washington University, and a Ph.D. From Yale University. He currently resides in New York City with his wife and is a professor at NYU.

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Michael Cohen, Ph.D.
Cohen Research Group​

Michael is focused on providing a greater voice in government and improving the companies that serve us. He is an expert in public opinion research, beginning his career with The Gallup Poll. A research leader for over a decade, Michael takes personal ownership of every client project. He is the Government Relations Chairman of the Marketing Research Association. Mike earned his Ph.D., M.A. and B.S. degrees in Political Science and Mass Communication at the University of Florida. He lives just outside Washington, D.C. with his wife and two children.

Website: Cohen Research Group​​

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Tony Gilbreath
Gilbreath Research, Inc.

Gilbreath Research, founded by Tony Gilbreath, is a qualitative research company devoted to understanding consumers and their relationships with products and brands. Tony has over 13 years of moderating experience in over 20 different categories and has become an acknowledged leader in videogame research.

Tony practices both traditional and immersive qualitative techniques, ranging from focus groups and encounter sessions to ethnographies, in-homes and retail environment audits.

Gilbreath Research has global reach, conducting qualitative projects in Europe and Asia, as well as coast to coast in the U.S. Tony has worked to understand and articulate the consumer perspective for a broad range of clients including Activision, Disney Interactive, 2K Games, Coors, Kahlua, Cadillac, Philips/Sonicare, Cisco, GAP Inc, Monsanto, California Pizza Kitchen and Coca Cola.

Prior to founding Gilbreath Research, Tony conducted qualitative research projects for Tattoo and Greenberg Qualitative Research in San Francisco and The Harrison Group in Connecticut.

Tony Gilbreath resides in the Seattle, Washington area with his wife and children.

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Leonard Rickman
Rickman Research & Communications

Leonard Rickman of Rickman Research & Communications has worked extensively in the market research industry since 1984. He has managed focus groups, in-depth interviews, surveys, and usability tests for communication strategies and product marketing. Thus far he has served nine government agencies, more than 60 non-profits, and more than 30 private companies. He has conducted more than 1,200 in-depth telephone interviews with people in 25 countries. He has collected survey data from thousands of respondents.

Len has been responsible for the design and initiation of data collection tools, data analysis, and the creation of reports and briefings with research-based recommendations and executive summaries. He has worked closely with clients on finalizing research objectives based on specific circumstances and nuance, and ongoing project progress. He has written and edited several types of communications, including summaries of government meetings, research reports, environmental scans, and media materials.

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Dynamic Language

DL_Logo.jpgDynamic Language has 25 years of experience in the language industry helping companies, organizations and individuals break through language barriers within their communities and around the world. A wide array of language services are available, including translation, narration, voice-overs, interpreting and localization, in over 150 languages. Dedicated customer service teams and professional linguists ensure that the most efficient, culturally accurate and cost-effective services are provided to every customer. In-house graphic design services are provided for projects that require an extra touch to mirror the original document, as well as independent review services to verify the accuracy of existing translated material. Dynamic provides the language expertise needed to help customers expand their business into targeted markets, both locally and internationally. Dynamic is proudly certified as a minority and woman owned business enterprise and recognized as a leading provider of language services by professional organizations and clients.

Website: Dynamic Language

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LC Technologies, Inc.

In 1986, a group of engineers gathered in a basement in Virginia and founded LC Technologies, Inc. They had a vision of creating technologies that would improve the lives of people around them. By 1988 they had settled on eyetracking as the technology, yet in its infancy, through which they could have the most profound impact on bettering people’s lives.

Over the course of the next 20 years, that vision was realized as they conceived, designed and built a computer that people could run with their eyes.

The firm and its products, the Eyegaze Communication and Analysis Systems, have been the topic of a number of news articles in national publications as well as various trade publications. The Eyegaze System has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, Tech TV, the Oxygen network, “How’d They Do That?”, and numerous news programs both inside and outside the US. To date, over 800 news articles have been published featuring the Eyegaze System and its users, appearing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Providence Journal, and the Charlotte Observer, to name a few. The Eyegaze System was featured at the tenth anniversary celebration of the ADA, held at the Vice President’s home and at a White House Disabled Tech Conference.

In 2008, LC Technologies introduced the Eyegaze Edge, its new smaller, faster, less-expensive eyetracking system.

LC Technologies is now poised to expand its eyetracking technology beyond these initial applications and into a wider commercialization of its Eyegaze System products.

Website: LC Technologies, Inc.

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Douglas C. Wood, CQE, CMQ/OE
DC Wood Consulting, LLC

wood.gifDC Wood Consulting, LLC provides assistance to organizations in quality system design, analysis, and installation as well as business intelligence systems planning, design, and solution implementation. Key focal areas are in operational processes, office and shop floor work measurement and design, interpretation of data needs and system deliverables, and integration of measurement systems and improvement projects with strategic objectives. A priority of the firm is customer service, and a listening attitude. We are here to help you solve your "challenges."

Mr. Wood was employed at Hallmark Cards for over 25 years. Activities there included work design and measurement in industrial and office settings, installation of a manufacturing balanced scorecard, implementation of a comprehensive production history database, and creation and operation of an eleven–year quality cost system that saved over $120 million. Other work included capacity planning, forecasting, regression–driven loss projections, lease–buy equipment analyses, material handling studies, website development, financial reporting, expert systems development, barcode reproduction evaluation systems, finished goods quality auditing, and analyses of the impact of advanced manufacturing systems.

Prior employment at Kellogg Co. included process flow measurement, longitudinal process flow studies, whole– crew work measurement studies, multi–plant work standards alignment, and a packaging simplification effort that resulted in a 6 figure annual savings.

Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Western Michigan University. He is currently Chair of the Quality Costs Technical Committee, Quality Management Division, American Society for Quality as well as a member of the University of Central Missouri Industrial Technology Advisory Board. Mr. Wood is also Education Chair for Kansas City Chapter– American Society for Quality.

Former committee activities are Chair of site committee for 2003 Annual Quality Congress 2001–2003, Chair of Kansas City Chapter, American Society of Quality 1999–2000, and member of the Union Station Kansas City advisory panel 2004–2005.

Website: DC Wood Consulting

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